There are over 5000 students in Zichron, 25 kindergartens, 6 primary schools, and four high schools. Our local schools cater to a diverse student population in Zichron: offering options to children from multiple backgrounds and affiliations ranging from secular, traditional, modern orthodox, mixed orthodox and ultra orthodox. The Council view education as its first priority, dedicating over 40% of the total budget towards the local schools.

 Gan Chova (Kindergarten): 

Trom and Trom-Trom Chova: 

You can register for Gan Chova, Trom Chova and Trom-Trom Chova online at  If you are new to Zichron and your name isn't in the system, you may bring updated Teudot Zehut to the Gan Yeladim department at the municipality along with a rental/purchase contract.  

First Grade:

Register at your assigned school according to zoning guidelines, with Teudot Zehut and proof of address.  Schools are open for registration during regular school hours and on Tuesdays from 4-6pm during the registration period.  

Tzaharon: (after school care) 

- for preschool aged children, please register through the Matnas at or phone them at 04-629-7004/5. Spots are only guaranteed after a contact is signed and payment is arranged for the entire year.  

- for school ages children, available at HaHoresh, Nili, Hachita, and Yavetz schools: beginning immediately after school until 4:45pm and on school vacations from 7:30am-4:30pm.   

For more information, contact the schools directly: 

HaHoresh (8 years of school): 04-6382276

Nili: 04-639-9174

Hachita: 04-6399335

Yavetz (religiously observant): 04-6399352

Keshet (“Democratic School)

High Schools:

Tichon Hamoshava (secular)

Pelech (females only)


Keshet (“Democratic School”)

If you have a child with disabilities who needs to register for school, you may do this up to two years in advance. Please come to the Education Department to register so that they can notify the Education Ministry and ensure that your child's classrooms are fully handicap accessible.   

If you wish your child to switch schools, you must file a detailed written request for switching schools with all relevant supporting documents during the registration period from 1.17.2018-2.6.2018. Send these or fax to 04:6391538. To switch ganim send your request to Any requests after this deadline will not be considered, according to the law.  

You can call the Education Department with questions at 04-629-7168/7184/7112

Dr. Miriam Fanuyan, Director of Education at the Zichron Municipality 

Adi Ahud Goletz, Director of Preschool Education 

(Translation by Pnina Salomon.  Feel free to reach out to her (in English) with questions or concerns about this process at 052-700-2935. )